ADC 2017 Workshops

Workshop 1

Build cross-platform apps with JUCE (intermediate)

Workshop leaders: Fabian Renn-Giles (Lead Engineer, JUCE) & Ed Davies (Projucer developer, JUCE)

Fabian Renn-GilesEd Davies

Date: Monday 13 November, 9:30am-12:30pm

Requirements: Laptop, installation of native IDE and AndroidStudio, 2 years experienceDetails: This workshop will cover the fundamentals of building apps destined to run on multiple operating systems, focusing on GUI, audio, performance, and using the Projucer to manage projects.

Here are some of the subjects that will be discussed:
  • How to create your app’s display in cross-platform way: fullscreen on mobile, single main window on desktop
  • Keep your GUI layout flexible
  • Using the Projucer Live Build engine to preview display sizes
  • Requesting audio recording permissions
  • Optimising audio for iOS and Android
  • Mixing JUCE with native code
  • Q&A
  • Workshop 2

    DSP programming (intermediate)

    Workshop leaders: Zsolt Garamvölgyi (Staff Algorithm Engineer, ROLI) & SKoT McDonald (Lead Software Engineer & Head of Sound R&D, FXpansion)

    Zsolt GaramvölgyiSkot McDonald

    Date: Monday 13 November, 9:30am-12:30pm

    Requirements: Laptop, native IDE, JUCE, 1 year of DSP coding experience

    Details: This workshop will cover the basics of digital filtering including filter design, implementation and optimisation. The presented use cases will cover a range of classes available in the JUCE DSP module (to be released 27th July). For advanced developers, the workshop will also propose examples of benchmarking and cross-platform SIMD optimisation techniques using SSE/NEON intrinsics.

    The key concepts will be briefly presented and supported with example code, distributed as a JUCE project.

    Workshop 3

    User interface programming (intermediate)

    Workshop leaders: Vlad Voina (Senior Software Engineer, ROLI) & Paul Chana (Senior Software Engineer, FXpansion)

    Paul ChanaVlad Voina

    Date: Monday 13 November, 2pm-5pm

    Requirements: Laptop, native IDE, JUCE, 2 years experience programming

    Details: This workshop will focus on the development of professional looking user interface, a major challenge in C++ projects. Participants will get an expert look into the intricacies of building GUIs with modern techniques, tips and tricks as used by the front end engineers of ROLI and FXpansion software teams.

    Workshop will be composed of 40% lecture slides/code samples and 60% assisted hands-on exercises. Topics will be refined further with participants to better suit the audience.

    • Introduction to HCI and Graphical User Interfaces
    • Responsive layout with FlexBox and Grid
    • Introduction to Model View Controller
    • Using LookAndFeel correctly
    • Implementing Custom Interactive Components
    • Composition over Inheritance
    • Optimize rendering speed
    • Mocking
    • Extended Q&A
    • Workshop 4

      Develop large-scale projects with JUCE (advanced)

      Workshop leaders: Jules Storer (Principal Software Engineer, JUCE) & Tom Poole (Senior Software Engineer, JUCE)

      Requirements: Laptop, native IDE, JUCE, 3 year professional programming experience

      Date: Monday 13 November, 2pm-5pm

      Details: Led by JUCE's founder Jules Storer and senior software engineer Tom Poole, this workshop will be particularly helpful for companies whose products and teams are scaling and who look to manage the complexity of large projects. In particular, attendees can expect to improve their knowledge in the following areas:
      • How to cope with large codebases and large builds
      • How to cope with multiple platforms and deployment targets
      • How to cope with large teams collaborating on a project
      • In addition to tips from JUCE experts, the session will aim at discussing and addressing attendees' issues as encountered in the field.

        Workshop 5

        Android Audio Workshop @ ADC '17

        Workshop leaders: Don Turner (Senior Developer Advocate, GOOGLE) & Phil Burk (Staff Software Engineer, Android Audio Framework)

        Requirements: Laptop with the following software installed: Android Studio, Android NDK version 15 or above, Able to build a "Hello World" Android app, Proficient in C++, Some familiarity with Android architecture will be helpful

        Please prepare your laptop in advance. Do not expect to perform software installation at the start of the workshop - the pace will be fast and we don't want you to get left behind!

        Date: Monday 13 November, 2pm-5pm

        Details: This 3 hour workshop, hosted by Google, will take you from start to finish in developing a high-performance audio app for Android.

        We will cover the following topics:
        • Getting started with Android Studio
        • Creating low latency audio streams using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK)
        • Communicating between Java and the NDK using JNI
        • Sending and receiving MIDI information
        • Handling USB, Bluetooth and built-in audio devices
        • Optimising app performance
        • Handling differences in device capabilities and performance
        • Packaging, deploying and selling your app on the Google Play Store
        • Android devices will be provided for testing, although you are welcome (and encouraged) to bring your own devices as well.

          We will have software engineers and developer advocates for the Android audio framework on hand throughout the workshop

          Cost: Free
          Spaces: 40

          If you would like to attend please completethis application form.