Audio Developer Conference 2017
Proposal submission

Use this form to submit a proposal for a session or a poster at ADC 2017.

If you are submitting a poster or if you would like to share with us any public material, please upload these documents to your preferred sharing platform (eg. Google Drive or Dropbox, making sure it is publicly viewable) and copy the link into this field.
This includes your presentation and Q&A.
This includes your presentation and Q&A.e.g. DSP engineers, C++ library developers, audio plugin developers...
Please specify here in case you need to do anything that goes beyond showing slides on a projector, such as play sound, present a live demo, or require other equipment in addition to a projector.
As it should appear in the program. This should not exceed three paragraphs.
Please feel free to get into as much detail about your session as you think is relevant. This will be seen by the programme committee, but will not appear in the published programme.
Please let us know if this talk has been presented before and where.
Anything else you would like the program committee to know.
As it should appear in the program.
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As it should appear in the program. This address will be used for all communication related to your ADC session proposal.
We welcome sessions presented by multiple people. However, please note that only one person (the main presenter, as specified above) is eligible for any discounts offered to speakers. If you’d like additional people to appear on the programme, please specify their names here.