Made with JUCE

Although the library itself is developed and directed by one person, it's surrounded by a thriving community of open-source and commercial users.

Millions of end-users use JUCE-based software every day, in the form of applications, plugins, embedded firmware, and who knows what else.. The library's pervasiveness in the multimedia industry means that pretty much every piece of music, film or TV made in the last few years will have involved a JUCE-based piece of software at some point in its production or delivery.

The JUCE job-market

Knowing your way around the JUCE library is becoming a marketable skill in the world of C++ jobs – see the "JUCE Jobs" section on the forum!

JUCE resources and tutorials

Commercial JUCE users

This list is a small selection of users who've volunteered links to their projects. JUCE is licensed by many other companies too, including some household-name global megacorporations whose legal departments prefer to remain anonymous..

3rd-Party JUCE Modules

  • dRowAudio Module – Module for audio processing and display
  • VFLib Module – Extensive series of modules relating to concurrency, audio, Lua, databases...
  • PluginParameters - Utilities for helping to manage different types of audio plugin parameter

Open-source JUCE projects

  • Ctrlr – MIDI hardware editor and librarian
  • Jost – Native vst / ladspa / dssi modular host for linux
  • CREATE Signal Library (CSL)
  • Haeduc2 – multiplatform authoring tool
  • UGen++ – Audio processing library based on the look and feel of SuperCollider
  • FFT Viewer – Open Source FFT Plugin that uses the accelerate framework (mac only)
  • Juced – A 3rd-party branch with various added classes
  • DSPFilters - Vinnie Falco's DSP classes
  • ISSE project - Stanford University & Adobe
  • LUCE - Lua/JUCE GUI toolkit

Universities Using JUCE

If you'd like to have a link to your company or project added to these lists, please contact me!