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oNAnimatedPositionBehavioursContains classes for different types of physics behaviours - these classes are used as template parameters for the AnimatedPosition class
oNStandardApplicationCommandIDsA set of general-purpose application command IDs
oNTypeHelpersThis namespace contains a few template classes for helping work out class type variations
oCAbstractFifoEncapsulates the logic required to implement a lock-free FIFO
oCActionBroadcasterManages a list of ActionListeners, and can send them messages
oCActionListenerInterface class for delivery of events that are sent by an ActionBroadcaster
oCActiveXControlComponentA Windows-specific class that can create and embed an ActiveX control inside itself
oCAffineTransformRepresents a 2D affine-transformation matrix
oCAiffAudioFormatReads and Writes AIFF format audio files
oCAlertWindowA window that displays a message and has buttons for the user to react to it
oCAnimatedAppComponentA base class for writing simple one-page graphical apps
oCAnimatedPositionModels a 1-dimensional position that can be dragged around by the user, and which will then continue moving with a customisable physics behaviour when released
oCAppleRemoteDeviceReceives events from an Apple IR remote control device (Only available in OSX!)
oCApplicationCommandInfoHolds information describing an application command
oCApplicationCommandManagerOne of these objects holds a list of all the commands your app can perform, and despatches these commands when needed
oCApplicationCommandManagerListenerA listener that receives callbacks from an ApplicationCommandManager when commands are invoked or the command list is changed
oCApplicationCommandTargetA command target publishes a list of command IDs that it can perform
oCApplicationPropertiesManages a collection of properties
oCArrayHolds a resizable array of primitive or copy-by-value objects
oCArrayAllocationBaseImplements some basic array storage allocation functions
oCArrowButtonA button with an arrow in it
oCAsyncUpdaterHas a callback method that is triggered asynchronously
oCAtomicSimple class to hold a primitive value and perform atomic operations on it
oCAttributedStringA text string with a set of colour/font settings that are associated with sub-ranges of the text
oCAudioAppComponentA base class for writing audio apps that stream from the audio i/o devices
oCAudioBufferA multi-channel buffer of floating point audio samples
oCAudioCDReaderA type of AudioFormatReader that reads from an audio CD
oCAudioChannelSetRepresents a set of audio channel types
oCAudioDataThis class a container which holds all the classes pertaining to the AudioData::Pointer audio sample format class
oCAudioDataConvertersA set of routines to convert buffers of 32-bit floating point data to and from various integer formats
oCAudioDeviceManagerManages the state of some audio and midi i/o devices
oCAudioDeviceSelectorComponentA component containing controls to let the user change the audio settings of an AudioDeviceManager object
oCAudioFormatSubclasses of AudioFormat are used to read and write different audio file formats
oCAudioFormatManagerA class for keeping a list of available audio formats, and for deciding which one to use to open a given file
oCAudioFormatReaderReads samples from an audio file stream
oCAudioFormatReaderSourceA type of AudioSource that will read from an AudioFormatReader
oCAudioFormatWriterWrites samples to an audio file stream
oCAudioIODeviceBase class for an audio device with synchronised input and output channels
oCAudioIODeviceCallbackOne of these is passed to an AudioIODevice object to stream the audio data in and out
oCAudioIODeviceTypeRepresents a type of audio driver, such as DirectSound, ASIO, CoreAudio, etc
oCAudioParameterBoolProvides a class of AudioProcessorParameter that can be used as a boolean value
oCAudioParameterChoiceProvides a class of AudioProcessorParameter that can be used to select an indexed, named choice from a list
oCAudioParameterFloatA subclass of AudioProcessorParameter that provides an easy way to create a parameter which maps onto a given NormalisableRange
oCAudioParameterIntProvides a class of AudioProcessorParameter that can be used as an integer value with a given range
oCAudioPlayHeadA subclass of AudioPlayHead can supply information about the position and status of a moving play head during audio playback
oCAudioPluginFormatThe base class for a type of plugin format, such as VST, AudioUnit, LADSPA, etc
oCAudioPluginFormatManagerThis maintains a list of known AudioPluginFormats
oCAudioPluginInstanceBase class for an active instance of a plugin
oCAudioProcessorBase class for audio processing filters or plugins
oCAudioProcessorEditorBase class for the component that acts as the GUI for an AudioProcessor
oCAudioProcessorGraphA type of AudioProcessor which plays back a graph of other AudioProcessors
oCAudioProcessorListenerBase class for listeners that want to know about changes to an AudioProcessor
oCAudioProcessorParameterAn abstract base class for parameter objects that can be added to an AudioProcessor
oCAudioProcessorParameterWithIDThis abstract base class is used by some AudioProcessorParameter helper classes
oCAudioProcessorPlayerAn AudioIODeviceCallback object which streams audio through an AudioProcessor
oCAudioProcessorValueTreeStateThis class contains a ValueTree which is used to manage an AudioProcessor's entire state
oCAudioSourceBase class for objects that can produce a continuous stream of audio
oCAudioSourceChannelInfoUsed by AudioSource::getNextAudioBlock()
oCAudioSourcePlayerWrapper class to continuously stream audio from an audio source to an AudioIODevice
oCAudioSubsectionReaderThis class is used to wrap an AudioFormatReader and only read from a subsection of the file
oCAudioThumbnailMakes it easy to quickly draw scaled views of the waveform shape of an audio file
oCAudioThumbnailBaseProvides a base for classes that can store and draw scaled views of an audio waveform
oCAudioThumbnailCacheAn instance of this class is used to manage multiple AudioThumbnail objects
oCAudioTransportSourceAn AudioSource that takes a PositionableAudioSource and allows it to be played, stopped, started, etc
oCAudioUnitPluginFormatImplements a plugin format manager for AudioUnits
oCAudioVisualiserComponentA simple component that can be used to show a scrolling waveform of audio data
oCBase64Contains some static methods for converting between binary and the standard base-64 encoding format
oCBigIntegerAn arbitrarily large integer class
oCBlowFishBlowFish encryption class
oCBluetoothMidiDevicePairingDialogueOpens a Bluetooth MIDI pairing dialogue that allows the user to view and connect to Bluetooth MIDI devices that are currently found nearby
oCBooleanPropertyComponentA PropertyComponent that contains an on/off toggle button
oCBorderSizeSpecifies a set of gaps to be left around the sides of a rectangle
oCBox2DRendererA simple implementation of the b2Draw class, used to draw a Box2D world
oCBrowserPluginComponentBase class for a browser plugin object
oCBubbleComponentA component for showing a message or other graphics inside a speech-bubble-shaped outline, pointing at a location on the screen
oCBubbleMessageComponentA speech-bubble component that displays a short message
oCBufferedInputStreamWraps another input stream, and reads from it using an intermediate buffer
oCBufferingAudioReaderAn AudioFormatReader that uses a background thread to pre-read data from another reader
oCBufferingAudioSourceAn AudioSource which takes another source as input, and buffers it using a thread
oCButtonA base class for buttons
oCButtonPropertyComponentA PropertyComponent that contains a button
oCByteOrderContains static methods for converting the byte order between different endiannesses
oCCachedComponentImageBase class used internally for structures that can store cached images of component state
oCCallbackMessageA message that invokes a callback method when it gets delivered
oCCallOutBoxA box with a small arrow that can be used as a temporary pop-up window to show extra controls when a button or other component is clicked
oCCameraDeviceControls any video capture devices that might be available
oCChangeBroadcasterHolds a list of ChangeListeners, and sends messages to them when instructed
oCChangeListenerReceives change event callbacks that are sent out by a ChangeBroadcaster
oCChannelRemappingAudioSourceAn AudioSource that takes the audio from another source, and re-maps its input and output channels to a different arrangement
oCCharacterFunctionsA collection of functions for manipulating characters and character strings
oCCharPointer_ASCIIWraps a pointer to a null-terminated ASCII character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
oCCharPointer_UTF16Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-16 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
oCCharPointer_UTF32Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-32 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
oCCharPointer_UTF8Wraps a pointer to a null-terminated UTF-8 character string, and provides various methods to operate on the data
oCChildProcessLaunches and monitors a child process
oCChildProcessMasterActs as the master in a master/slave pair of connected processes
oCChildProcessSlaveActs as the slave end of a master/slave pair of connected processes
oCChoicePropertyComponentA PropertyComponent that shows its value as a combo box
oCCodeDocumentA class for storing and manipulating a source code file
oCCodeEditorComponentA text editor component designed specifically for source code
oCCodeTokeniserA base class for tokenising code so that the syntax can be displayed in a code editor
oCColourRepresents a colour, also including a transparency value
oCColourGradientDescribes the layout and colours that should be used to paint a colour gradient
oCColoursContains a set of predefined named colours (mostly standard HTML colours)
oCColourSelectorA component that lets the user choose a colour
oCComboBoxA component that lets the user choose from a drop-down list of choices
oCComponentThe base class for all JUCE user-interface objects
oCComponentAnimatorAnimates a set of components, moving them to a new position and/or fading their alpha levels
oCComponentBoundsConstrainerA class that imposes restrictions on a Component's size or position
oCComponentBuilderLoads and maintains a tree of Components from a ValueTree that represents them
oCComponentDraggerAn object to take care of the logic for dragging components around with the mouse
oCComponentListenerGets informed about changes to a component's hierarchy or position
oCComponentMovementWatcherAn object that watches for any movement of a component or any of its parent components
oCComponentPeerThe Component class uses a ComponentPeer internally to create and manage a real operating-system window
oCConcertinaPanelA panel which holds a vertical stack of components which can be expanded and contracted
oCContainerDeletePolicyUsed by container classes as an indirect way to delete an object of a particular type
oCCoreAudioFormatOSX and iOS only - This uses the AudioToolbox framework to read any audio format that the system has a codec for
oCCPlusPlusCodeTokeniserA simple lexical analyser for syntax colouring of C++ code
oCCppTokeniserFunctionsClass containing some basic functions for simple tokenising of C++ code
oCCriticalSectionA re-entrant mutex
oCCustomTypefaceA typeface that can be populated with custom glyphs
oCDatagramSocketA wrapper for a datagram (UDP) socket
oCDecibelsThis class contains some helpful static methods for dealing with decibel values
oCDefaultElementComparatorA simple ElementComparator class that can be used to sort an array of objects that support the '<' operator
oCDefaultHashFunctionsA simple class to generate hash functions for some primitive types, intended for use with the HashMap class
oCDeletedAtShutdownClasses derived from this will be automatically deleted when the application exits
oCDesktopDescribes and controls aspects of the computer's desktop
oCDialogWindowA dialog-box style window
oCDirectoryContentsDisplayComponentA base class for components that display a list of the files in a directory
oCDirectoryContentsListA class to asynchronously scan for details about the files in a directory
oCDirectoryIteratorSearches through the files in a directory, returning each file that is found
oCDirectShowComponentA window that can play back a DirectShow video
oCDocumentWindowA resizable window with a title bar and maximise, minimise and close buttons
oCDragAndDropContainerEnables drag-and-drop behaviour for a component and all its sub-components
oCDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have things dropped onto them by a DragAndDropContainer
oCDraggable3DOrientationStores a 3D orientation, which can be rotated by dragging with the mouse
oCDrawableThe base class for objects which can draw themselves, e.g
oCDrawableButtonA button that displays a Drawable
oCDrawableCompositeA drawable object which acts as a container for a set of other Drawables
oCDrawableImageA drawable object which is a bitmap image
oCDrawablePathA drawable object which renders a filled or outlined shape
oCDrawableRectangleA Drawable object which draws a rectangle
oCDrawableShapeA base class implementing common functionality for Drawable classes which consist of some kind of filled and stroked outline
oCDrawableTextA drawable object which renders a line of text
oCDropShadowDefines a drop-shadow effect
oCDropShadowEffectAn effect filter that adds a drop-shadow behind the image's content
oCDropShadowerAdds a drop-shadow to a component
oCDummyCriticalSectionA class that can be used in place of a real CriticalSection object, but which doesn't perform any locking
oCDynamicLibraryHandles the opening and closing of DLLs
oCDynamicObjectRepresents a dynamically implemented object
oCEdgeTableA table of horizontal scan-line segments - used for rasterising Paths
oCExpressionA class for dynamically evaluating simple numeric expressions
oCExtraLookAndFeelBaseClassesThis class is used to hold a few look and feel base classes which are associated with classes that may not be present because they're from modules other than juce_gui_basics
oCFFTA very minimal FFT class
oCFileRepresents a local file or directory
oCFileBasedDocumentA class to take care of the logic involved with the loading/saving of some kind of document
oCFileBrowserComponentA component for browsing and selecting a file or directory to open or save
oCFileBrowserListenerA listener for user selection events in a file browser
oCFileChooserCreates a dialog box to choose a file or directory to load or save
oCFileChooserDialogBoxA file open/save dialog box
oCFileDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have files dropped onto them by an external application
oCFileFilterInterface for deciding which files are suitable for something
oCFileInputSourceA type of InputSource that represents a normal file
oCFileInputStreamAn input stream that reads from a local file
oCFileListComponentA component that displays the files in a directory as a listbox
oCFileLoggerA simple implementation of a Logger that writes to a file
oCFilenameComponentShows a filename as an editable text box, with a 'browse' button and a drop-down list for recently selected files
oCFilenameComponentListenerListens for events happening to a FilenameComponent
oCFileOutputStreamAn output stream that writes into a local file
oCFilePreviewComponentBase class for components that live inside a file chooser dialog box and show previews of the files that get selected
oCFileSearchPathRepresents a set of folders that make up a search path
oCFileSearchPathListComponentShows a set of file paths in a list, allowing them to be added, removed or re-ordered
oCFileTreeComponentA component that displays the files in a directory as a treeview
oCFillTypeRepresents a colour or fill pattern to use for rendering paths
oCFlacAudioFormatReads and writes the lossless-compression FLAC audio format
oCFloatVectorOperationsA collection of simple vector operations on arrays of floats, accelerated with SIMD instructions where possible
oCFocusChangeListenerClasses can implement this interface and register themselves with the Desktop class to receive callbacks when the currently focused component changes
oCFontRepresents a particular font, including its size, style, etc
oCGenericAudioProcessorEditorA type of UI component that displays the parameters of an AudioProcessor as a simple list of sliders
oCGenericScopedLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a mutex object
oCGenericScopedTryLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a mutex object
oCGenericScopedUnlockAutomatically unlocks and re-locks a mutex object
oCGIFImageFormatA subclass of ImageFileFormat for reading GIF files
oCGlowEffectA component effect that adds a coloured blur around the component's contents
oCGlyphArrangementA set of glyphs, each with a position
oCGraphicsA graphics context, used for drawing a component or image
oCGroupComponentA component that draws an outline around itself and has an optional title at the top, for drawing an outline around a group of controls
oCGZIPCompressorOutputStreamA stream which uses zlib to compress the data written into it
oCGZIPDecompressorInputStreamThis stream will decompress a source-stream using zlib
oCHashMapHolds a set of mappings between some key/value pairs
oCHeapBlockVery simple container class to hold a pointer to some data on the heap
oCHighResolutionTimerA high-resolution periodic timer
oCHyperlinkButtonA button showing an underlined weblink, that will launch the link when it's clicked
oCIdentifierRepresents a string identifier, designed for accessing properties by name
oCIIRCoefficientsA set of coefficients for use in an IIRFilter object
oCIIRFilterAn IIR filter that can perform low, high, or band-pass filtering on an audio signal
oCIIRFilterAudioSourceAn AudioSource that performs an IIR filter on another source
oCImageHolds a fixed-size bitmap
oCImageButtonAs the title suggests, this is a button containing an image
oCImageCacheA global cache of images that have been loaded from files or memory
oCImageComponentA component that simply displays an image
oCImageConvolutionKernelRepresents a filter kernel to use in convoluting an image
oCImageEffectFilterA graphical effect filter that can be applied to components
oCImageFileFormatBase-class for codecs that can read and write image file formats such as PNG, JPEG, etc
oCImagePixelDataThis is a base class for holding image data in implementation-specific ways
oCImagePreviewComponentA simple preview component that shows thumbnails of image files
oCImageTypeThis base class is for handlers that control a type of image manipulation format, e.g
oCInputSourceA lightweight object that can create a stream to read some kind of resource
oCInputStreamThe base class for streams that read data
oCInterprocessConnectionManages a simple two-way messaging connection to another process, using either a socket or a named pipe as the transport medium
oCInterprocessConnectionServerAn object that waits for client sockets to connect to a port on this host, and creates InterprocessConnection objects for each one
oCInterProcessLockActs as a critical section which processes can use to block each other
oCIPAddressAn IPV4 address
oCJavascriptEngineA simple javascript interpreter!
oCJPEGImageFormatA subclass of ImageFileFormat for reading and writing JPEG files
oCJSONContains static methods for converting JSON-formatted text to and from var objects
oCJUCEApplicationAn instance of this class is used to specify initialisation and shutdown code for the application
oCJUCEApplicationBaseAbstract base class for application classes
oCJustificationRepresents a type of justification to be used when positioning graphical items
oCKeyboardFocusTraverserControls the order in which focus moves between components
oCKeyGenerationContains static utilities for generating key-files that can be unlocked by the OnlineUnlockStatus class
oCKeyListenerReceives callbacks when keys are pressed
oCKeyMappingEditorComponentA component to allow editing of the keymaps stored by a KeyPressMappingSet object
oCKeyPressRepresents a key press, including any modifier keys that are needed
oCKeyPressMappingSetManages and edits a list of keypresses, which it uses to invoke the appropriate command in an ApplicationCommandManager
oCKnownPluginListManages a list of plugin types
oCLabelA component that displays a text string, and can optionally become a text editor when clicked
oCLADSPAPluginFormatImplements a plugin format manager for LADSPA plugins
oCLagrangeInterpolatorInterpolator for resampling a stream of floats using 4-point lagrange interpolation
oCLAMEEncoderAudioFormatAn AudioFormat class which can use an installed version of the LAME mp3 encoder to encode a file
oCLassoComponentA component that acts as a rectangular selection region, which you drag with the mouse to select groups of objects (in conjunction with a SelectedItemSet)
oCLassoSourceA class used by the LassoComponent to manage the things that it selects
oCLeakedObjectDetectorEmbedding an instance of this class inside another class can be used as a low-overhead way of detecting leaked instances
oCLineRepresents a line
oCLinearSmoothedValueUtility class for linearly smoothed values like volume etc
oCLinkedListPointerHelps to manipulate singly-linked lists of objects
oCListBoxA list of items that can be scrolled vertically
oCListBoxModelA subclass of this is used to drive a ListBox
oCListenerListHolds a set of objects and can invoke a member function callback on each object in the set with a single call
oCLocalisedStringsUsed to convert strings to localised foreign-language versions
oCLoggerActs as an application-wide logging class
oCLookAndFeelLookAndFeel objects define the appearance of all the JUCE widgets, and subclasses can be used to apply different 'skins' to the application
oCLookAndFeel_V1The original JUCE look-and-feel, as used back from 2002 to about 2007ish
oCLookAndFeel_V2This LookAndFeel subclass implements the juce style from around 2008-12
oCLookAndFeel_V3The latest JUCE look-and-feel style, as introduced in 2013
oCLowLevelGraphicsContextInterface class for graphics context objects, used internally by the Graphics class
oCLowLevelGraphicsPostScriptRendererAn implementation of LowLevelGraphicsContext that turns the drawing operations into a PostScript document
oCLowLevelGraphicsSoftwareRendererA lowest-common-denominator implementation of LowLevelGraphicsContext that does all its rendering in memory
oCMACAddressRepresents a MAC network card adapter address ID
oCMarkerListHolds a set of named marker points along a one-dimensional axis
oCMatrix3DA 4x4 3D transformation matrix
oCMD5MD5 checksum class
oCMemoryBlockA class to hold a resizable block of raw data
oCMemoryInputStreamAllows a block of data to be accessed as a stream
oCMemoryMappedAudioFormatReaderA specialised type of AudioFormatReader that uses a MemoryMappedFile to read directly from an audio file
oCMemoryMappedFileMaps a file into virtual memory for easy reading and/or writing
oCMemoryOutputStreamWrites data to an internal memory buffer, which grows as required
oCMenuBarComponentA menu bar component
oCMenuBarModelA class for controlling MenuBar components
oCMessageThe base class for objects that can be sent to a MessageListener
oCMessageListenerMessageListener subclasses can post and receive Message objects
oCMessageManagerThis class is in charge of the application's event-dispatch loop
oCMessageManagerLockUsed to make sure that the calling thread has exclusive access to the message loop
oCMidiBufferHolds a sequence of time-stamped midi events
oCMidiFileReads/writes standard midi format files
oCMidiInputRepresents a midi input device
oCMidiInputCallbackReceives incoming messages from a physical MIDI input device
oCMidiKeyboardComponentA component that displays a piano keyboard, whose notes can be clicked on
oCMidiKeyboardStateRepresents a piano keyboard, keeping track of which keys are currently pressed
oCMidiKeyboardStateListenerReceives events from a MidiKeyboardState object
oCMidiMessageEncapsulates a MIDI message
oCMidiMessageCollectorCollects incoming realtime MIDI messages and turns them into blocks suitable for processing by a block-based audio callback
oCMidiMessageSequenceA sequence of timestamped midi messages
oCMidiOutputControls a physical MIDI output device
oCMidiRPNDetectorParses a stream of MIDI data to assemble RPN and NRPN messages from their constituent MIDI CC messages
oCMidiRPNGeneratorGenerates an appropriate sequence of MIDI CC messages to represent an RPN or NRPN message
oCMidiRPNMessageRepresents a MIDI RPN (registered parameter number) or NRPN (non-registered parameter number) message
oCMixerAudioSourceAn AudioSource that mixes together the output of a set of other AudioSources
oCModalCallbackFunctionThis class provides some handy utility methods for creating ModalComponentManager::Callback objects that will invoke a static function with some parameters when a modal component is dismissed
oCModalComponentManagerManages the system's stack of modal components
oCModifierKeysRepresents the state of the mouse buttons and modifier keys
oCMountedVolumeListChangeDetectorAn instance of this class will provide callbacks when drives are mounted or unmounted on the system
oCMouseCursorRepresents a mouse cursor image
oCMouseEventContains position and status information about a mouse event
oCMouseInactivityDetectorThis object watches for mouse-events happening within a component, and if the mouse remains still for long enough, triggers an event to indicate that it has become inactive
oCMouseInputSourceRepresents a linear source of mouse events from a mouse device or individual finger in a multi-touch environment
oCMouseListenerA MouseListener can be registered with a component to receive callbacks about mouse events that happen to that component
oCMouseWheelDetailsContains status information about a mouse wheel event
oCMP3AudioFormatSoftware-based MP3 decoding format (doesn't currently provide an encoder)
oCMPEMessagesThis helper class contains the necessary helper functions to generate MIDI messages that are exclusive to MPE, such as defining MPE zones and setting per-note and master pitchbend ranges
oCMPENoteThis struct represents a playing MPE note
oCMPESynthesiserBase class for an MPE-compatible musical device that can play sounds
oCMPESynthesiserBaseDerive from this class to create a basic audio generator capable of MPE
oCMPESynthesiserVoiceRepresents an MPE voice that an MPESynthesiser can use to play a sound
oCMPEValueThis class represents a single value for any of the MPE dimensions of control
oCMPEZoneThis struct represents an MPE Zone
oCMPEZoneLayoutThis class represents the current MPE zone layout of a device capable of handling MPE
oCMultiDocumentPanelA component that contains a set of other components either in floating windows or tabs
oCMultiDocumentPanelWindowThis is a derivative of DocumentWindow that is used inside a MultiDocumentPanel component
oCMultiTimerA type of timer class that can run multiple timers with different frequencies, all of which share a single callback
oCNamedPipeA cross-process pipe that can have data written to and read from it
oCNamedValueSetHolds a set of named var objects
oCNativeImageTypeAn image storage type which holds the pixels using whatever is the default storage format on the current platform
oCNativeMessageBoxThis class contains some static methods for showing native alert windows
oCNewLineThis class is used for represent a new-line character sequence
oCNormalisableRangeRepresents a mapping between an arbitrary range of values and a normalised 0->1 range
oCNSViewComponentA Mac-specific class that can create and embed an NSView inside itself
oCOggVorbisAudioFormatReads and writes the Ogg-Vorbis audio format
oCOnlineUnlockFormActs as a GUI which asks the user for their details, and calls the approriate methods on your OnlineUnlockStatus object to attempt to register the app
oCOnlineUnlockStatusA base class for online unlocking systems
oCOpenGLAppComponentA base class for writing simple one-page graphical apps
oCOpenGLContextCreates an OpenGL context, which can be attached to a component
oCOpenGLFrameBufferCreates an openGL frame buffer
oCOpenGLGraphicsContextCustomShaderUsed to create custom shaders for use with an openGL 2D rendering context
oCOpenGLHelpersA set of miscellaneous openGL helper functions
oCOpenGLImageTypeA type of ImagePixelData that stores its image data in an OpenGL framebuffer, allowing a JUCE Image object to wrap a framebuffer
oCOpenGLPixelFormatRepresents the various properties of an OpenGL pixel format
oCOpenGLRendererA base class that should be implemented by classes which want to render openGL on a background thread
oCOpenGLShaderProgramManages an OpenGL shader program
oCOpenGLTextureCreates an openGL texture from an Image
oCOptionalScopedPointerHolds a pointer to an object which can optionally be deleted when this pointer goes out of scope
oCOSCAddressAn OSC address
oCOSCAddressPatternAn OSC address pattern
oCOSCArgumentAn OSC argument
oCOSCBundleAn OSC bundle
oCOSCExceptionBase class for exceptions that can be thrown by methods in the OSC module
oCOSCFormatErrorException type thrown when the OSC module fails to parse something because of a data format not compatible with the OpenSoundControl 1.0 specification
oCOSCInternalErrorException type thrown in cases of unexpected errors in the OSC module
oCOSCMessageAn OSC Message
oCOSCReceiverA class for receiving OSC data
oCOSCSenderAn OSC message sender
oCOSCTimeTagAn OSC time tag
oCOSCTypesThe definitions of supported OSC types and their associated OSC type tags, as defined in the OpenSoundControl 1.0 specification
oCOutputStreamThe base class for streams that write data to some kind of destination
oCOwnedArrayAn array designed for holding objects
oCPathA path is a sequence of lines and curves that may either form a closed shape or be open-ended
oCPathFlatteningIteratorFlattens a Path object into a series of straight-line sections
oCPathStrokeTypeDescribes a type of stroke used to render a solid outline along a path
oCPerformanceCounterA timer for measuring performance of code and dumping the results to a file
oCPixelAlphaRepresents an 8-bit single-channel pixel, and can perform compositing operations on it
oCPixelARGBRepresents a 32-bit INTERNAL pixel with premultiplied alpha, and can perform compositing operations with it
oCPixelRGBRepresents a 24-bit RGB pixel, and can perform compositing operations on it
oCPluginDescriptionA small class to represent some facts about a particular type of plug-in
oCPluginDirectoryScannerScans a directory for plugins, and adds them to a KnownPluginList
oCPluginListComponentA component displaying a list of plugins, with options to scan for them, add, remove and sort them
oCPNGImageFormatA subclass of ImageFileFormat for reading and writing PNG files
oCPointA pair of (x, y) coordinates
oCPopupMenuCreates and displays a popup-menu
oCPositionableAudioSourceA type of AudioSource which can be repositioned
oCPositionedGlyphA glyph from a particular font, with a particular size, style, typeface and position
oCPreferencesPanelA component with a set of buttons at the top for changing between pages of preferences
oCPrimesPrime number creation class
oCProcessRepresents the current executable's process
oCProgressBarA progress bar component
oCPropertiesFileWrapper on a file that stores a list of key/value data pairs
oCPropertyComponentA base class for a component that goes in a PropertyPanel and displays one of an item's properties
oCPropertyPanelA panel that holds a list of PropertyComponent objects
oCPropertySetA set of named property values, which can be strings, integers, floating point, etc
oCQuaternionHolds a quaternion (a 3D vector and a scalar value)
oCQuickTimeMovieComponentA window that can play back a QuickTime movie
oCRandomA random number generator
oCRangeA general-purpose range object, that simply represents any linear range with a start and end point
oCReadWriteLockA critical section that allows multiple simultaneous readers
oCRecentlyOpenedFilesListManages a set of files for use as a list of recently-opened documents
oCRectangleManages a rectangle and allows geometric operations to be performed on it
oCRectangleListMaintains a set of rectangles as a complex region
oCRectanglePlacementDefines the method used to postion some kind of rectangular object within a rectangular viewport
oCReferenceCountedArrayHolds a list of objects derived from ReferenceCountedObject, or which implement basic reference-count handling methods
oCReferenceCountedObjectA base class which provides methods for reference-counting
oCReferenceCountedObjectPtrA smart-pointer class which points to a reference-counted object
oCRelativeCoordinateExpresses a coordinate as a dynamically evaluated expression
oCRelativeCoordinatePositionerBaseBase class for Component::Positioners that are based upon relative coordinates
oCRelativeParallelogramA parallelogram defined by three RelativePoint positions
oCRelativePointAn X-Y position stored as a pair of RelativeCoordinate values
oCRelativePointPathA path object that consists of RelativePoint coordinates rather than the normal fixed ones
oCRelativeRectangleA rectangle stored as a set of RelativeCoordinate values
oCRelativeTimeA relative measure of time
oCResamplingAudioSourceA type of AudioSource that takes an input source and changes its sample rate
oCResizableBorderComponentA component that resizes its parent component when dragged
oCResizableCornerComponentA component that resizes a parent component when dragged
oCResizableEdgeComponentA component that resizes its parent component when dragged
oCResizableWindowA base class for top-level windows that can be dragged around and resized
oCResultRepresents the 'success' or 'failure' of an operation, and holds an associated error message to describe the error when there's a failure
oCReverbPerforms a simple reverb effect on a stream of audio data
oCReverbAudioSourceAn AudioSource that uses the Reverb class to apply a reverb to another AudioSource
oCRSAKeyRSA public/private key-pair encryption class
oCSamplerSoundA subclass of SynthesiserSound that represents a sampled audio clip
oCSamplerVoiceA subclass of SynthesiserVoice that can play a SamplerSound
oCScopedAutoReleasePoolA handy C++ wrapper that creates and deletes an NSAutoreleasePool object using RAII
oCScopedJuceInitialiser_GUIA utility object that helps you initialise and shutdown Juce correctly using an RAII pattern
oCScopedPointerThis class holds a pointer which is automatically deleted when this object goes out of scope
oCScopedReadLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a ReadWriteLock object
oCScopedValueSetterHelper class providing an RAII-based mechanism for temporarily setting and then re-setting a value
oCScopedWriteLockAutomatically locks and unlocks a ReadWriteLock object
oCScrollBarA scrollbar component
oCSelectedItemSetManages a list of selectable items
oCSettableTooltipClientAn implementation of TooltipClient that stores the tooltip string and a method for changing it
oCSHA256SHA-256 secure hash generator
oCShapeButtonA button that contains a filled shape
oCSharedResourcePointerA smart-pointer that automatically creates and manages the lifetime of a shared static instance of a class
oCSingleThreadedReferenceCountedObjectAdds reference-counting to an object
oCSliderA slider control for changing a value
oCSliderPropertyComponentA PropertyComponent that shows its value as a slider
oCSoftwareImageTypeAn image storage type which holds the pixels in-memory as a simple block of values
oCSortedSetHolds a set of unique primitive objects, such as ints or doubles
oCSparseSetHolds a set of primitive values, storing them as a set of ranges
oCSpinLockA simple spin-lock class that can be used as a simple, low-overhead mutex for uncontended situations
oCSplashScreenA component for showing a splash screen while your app starts up
oCStandaloneFilterWindowA class that can be used to run a simple standalone application containing your filter
oCStandalonePluginHolderAn object that creates and plays a standalone instance of an AudioProcessor
oCStreamingSocketA wrapper for a streaming (TCP) socket
oCStretchableLayoutManagerFor laying out a set of components, where the components have preferred sizes and size limits, but where they are allowed to stretch to fill the available space
oCStretchableLayoutResizerBarA component that acts as one of the vertical or horizontal bars you see being used to resize panels in a window
oCStretchableObjectResizerA utility class for fitting a set of objects whose sizes can vary between a minimum and maximum size, into a space
oCStringThe JUCE String class!
oCStringArrayA special array for holding a list of strings
oCStringPairArrayA container for holding a set of strings which are keyed by another string
oCStringPoolA StringPool holds a set of shared strings, which reduces storage overheads and improves comparison speed when dealing with many duplicate strings
oCStringRefA simple class for holding temporary references to a string literal or String
oCSubregionStreamWraps another input stream, and reads from a specific part of it
oCSynthesiserBase class for a musical device that can play sounds
oCSynthesiserSoundDescribes one of the sounds that a Synthesiser can play
oCSynthesiserVoiceRepresents a voice that a Synthesiser can use to play a SynthesiserSound
oCSystemAudioVolumeContains functions to control the system's master volume
oCSystemClipboardHandles reading/writing to the system's clipboard
oCSystemStatsContains methods for finding out about the current hardware and OS configuration
oCSystemTrayIconComponentThis component sits in the taskbar tray as a small icon
oCTabBarButtonIn a TabbedButtonBar, this component is used for each of the buttons
oCTabbedButtonBarA vertical or horizontal bar containing tabs that you can select
oCTabbedComponentA component with a TabbedButtonBar along one of its sides
oCTableHeaderComponentA component that displays a strip of column headings for a table, and allows these to be resized, dragged around, etc
oCTableListBoxA table of cells, using a TableHeaderComponent as its header
oCTableListBoxModelOne of these is used by a TableListBox as the data model for the table's contents
oCTemporaryFileManages a temporary file, which will be deleted when this object is deleted
oCTextButtonA button that uses the standard lozenge-shaped background with a line of text on it
oCTextDiffCalculates and applies a sequence of changes to convert one text string into another
oCTextDragAndDropTargetComponents derived from this class can have text dropped onto them by an external application
oCTextEditorAn editable text box
oCTextEditorKeyMapperThis class is used to invoke a range of text-editor navigation methods on an object, based upon a keypress event
oCTextInputTargetAn abstract base class which can be implemented by components that function as text editors
oCTextLayoutA Pre-formatted piece of text, which may contain multiple fonts and colours
oCTextPropertyComponentA PropertyComponent that shows its value as editable text
oCThreadEncapsulates a thread
oCThreadLocalValueProvides cross-platform support for thread-local objects
oCThreadPoolA set of threads that will run a list of jobs
oCThreadPoolJobA task that is executed by a ThreadPool object
oCThreadWithProgressWindowA thread that automatically pops up a modal dialog box with a progress bar and cancel button while it's busy running
oCTimeHolds an absolute date and time
oCTimerMakes repeated callbacks to a virtual method at a specified time interval
oCTimeSliceClientUsed by the TimeSliceThread class
oCTimeSliceThreadA thread that keeps a list of clients, and calls each one in turn, giving them all a chance to run some sort of short task
oCToggleButtonA button that can be toggled on/off
oCToneGeneratorAudioSourceA simple AudioSource that generates a sine wave
oCToolbarA toolbar component
oCToolbarButtonA type of button designed to go on a toolbar
oCToolbarItemComponentA component that can be used as one of the items in a Toolbar
oCToolbarItemFactoryA factory object which can create ToolbarItemComponent objects
oCToolbarItemPaletteA component containing a list of toolbar items, which the user can drag onto a toolbar to add them
oCTooltipClientComponents that want to use pop-up tooltips should implement this interface
oCTooltipWindowA window that displays a pop-up tooltip when the mouse hovers over another component
oCTopLevelWindowA base class for top-level windows
oCTracktionMarketplaceStatusAn implementation of the OnlineUnlockStatus class which talks to the Tracktion Marketplace server
oCTreeViewA tree-view component
oCTreeViewItemAn item in a treeview
oCTypefaceA typeface represents a size-independent font
oCUIViewComponentAn iOS-specific class that can create and embed an UIView inside itself
oCUndoableActionUsed by the UndoManager class to store an action which can be done and undone
oCUndoManagerManages a list of undo/redo commands
oCUnitTestThis is a base class for classes that perform a unit test
oCUnitTestRunnerRuns a set of unit tests
oCURLRepresents a URL and has a bunch of useful functions to manipulate it
oCUuidA universally unique 128-bit identifier
oCValueRepresents a shared variant value
oCValueTreeA powerful tree structure that can be used to hold free-form data, and which can handle its own undo and redo behaviour
oCValueTreeSynchroniserThis class can be used to watch for all changes to the state of a ValueTree, and to convert them to a transmittable binary encoding
oCvarA variant class, that can be used to hold a range of primitive values
oCVector3DA three-coordinate vector
oCViewportA Viewport is used to contain a larger child component, and allows the child to be automatically scrolled around
oCVST3FloatAndDoubleBusMapCompositeHelper< double >
oCVST3FloatAndDoubleBusMapCompositeHelper< float >
oCVSTPluginFormatImplements a plugin format manager for VSTs
oCWaitableEventAllows threads to wait for events triggered by other threads
oCWavAudioFormatReads and Writes WAV format audio files
oCWeakReferenceThis class acts as a pointer which will automatically become null if the object to which it points is deleted
oCWebBrowserComponentA component that displays an embedded web browser
oCWhirlpoolWhirlpool hash class
oCWildcardFileFilterA type of FileFilter that works by wildcard pattern matching
oCWindowsMediaAudioFormatAudio format which uses the Windows Media codecs (Windows only)
oCWindowsRegistryContains some static helper functions for manipulating the MS Windows registry (Only available on Windows, of course!)
oCXmlDocumentParses a text-based XML document and creates an XmlElement object from it
oCXmlElementUsed to build a tree of elements representing an XML document
\CZipFileDecodes a ZIP file from a stream