VU Meter Component - horizontal, vertical, and analog styles

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VU Meter Component - horizontal, vertical, and analog styles

Because there have been a number of requests for a VU meter component, and because I really needed a good one for my current project, I've created this component that lets you easily add meters. You have your choice of Vertical style, Horizontal style, and traditional Analog style. The Vertical/Horizontal meters can be smooth or segmented, while the Analog meter uses a simple gradient for the wiper along with an arrow type needle.

Okay, I've stopped being a lazy bastard and have uploaded the code, plus examples, to here:

JUCE VU Meters

The Analog meter component now contains graphical goodness, so you can create your own analog meters, complete with overlays. The paint method leaves a little to be desired since it blindly repaints the entire component upon each repaint. This can take up quite a bit of CPU usage for large meters, so be aware of this when you layout your design.

- kbj

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havent had a chance to check this out yet, but looks good.


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very nice!

The graphic VU is very nice. Do you have any other widgets in the same style?

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Graphic VU meter -> 100% CPU Usage even without sound being played on my Centrino 1.7GHz !!!!
Seems not usable in "real" situations.

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Re: VU Meter Component - horizontal, vertical, and analog styles

It looks like the link here is down - can someone rehost the component somewhere? I'd really like to see your code for damping.


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Re: VU Meter Component - horizontal, vertical, and analog styles

For anyone else who is disappointed at not being able to access the code killerbobjr posted above, take a look at the metering code in jucetice instead:

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compiling juce with vumeter

hi! i'm new user. i want use vumeter but i don't know how.

i want use it in Intojucer and i add it with download SpectrumVumeter zip and copy SpectrumVumeter in Introjucer src and build Introjucer but the build have error (juce.h).

What i can it?

Thank and sorry for my english

Thank you for all.

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I edited the MeterComponent

I edited the MeterComponent class to compile and run in Juce v3. The project is not compatible with newer versions of Juce. 

I forked the repo and pushed my changes up, you can grab them here:


If you follow the pattern I'm sure you can get the other controls working too. 

Best of luck with your project!

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