1. Download

JUCE can be used to write software that runs on any platform. Choose your download based on the platform you intend to start developing on.

To get started right away:

Alternatively, download the library from GitHub with the command:  git clone --depth 1 git://

(Note that the "--depth 1" option instructs git to only download the most recent version of the repository, rather than the entire history, which is quite large. If you want to be able to view the history log and use older versions, just leave out this option).

2. Extract

Once download is completed, extract the zip file, and launch the Introjucer executable.

(Git users will need to compile the Introjucer from the projects in the extras/Introjucer folder.)

3. Create

Create your first project, or open an example project, and start coding! Learn more about using JUCE.